Forever And A Day Musical

Forever and a day musical

Length of Production:

2 hours and 13 minutes.


Cast Size:

20 People.
10 men, 7 women, 2 girls, 1 boy.


Cast Breakdown:

Cast Gender Age Range Voice Range
John Harper Male 30-40 Tenor
Annie Bell/Harper Female 25-35 Soprano
Nana Harper Female 6-8 Soprano
Nana (Adult) Female 28 Soprano
George Harper Male 35-45 Soprano
Mary Fitzgerald Female 40-50 Alto
Angus James McKenzie Male 45-50 Baritone
William von Drussen Male 55-65 Bass
Madame Lilly Charlotte Female 25-35 Mezzo Soprano
General Bertrand Male                  35-45                  Baritone
Ensemble     Standard choir vocals                            
Assistant Ingrid, General Bertrand's two Children, Police Officer, Brothel Owner, Prostitute, Union Leader, Steward, One woman and one man for various ensemble roles