Forever And A Day Musical

John Harper | Forever and a day musical

Forever and a Day is a lavish and beautiful musical of courage and redemption. It is based on a true story that leads up to the night of April 14, 1912 when the Titanic sailed into the pages of history. On board the ship was John Harper, a man who had given his life to the drunkards, prostitutes and outcasts of his time. With him on that night was his treasured six year old daughter.

When the ship hit the fateful iceberg, John wrapped his little girl in a blanket and placed her into a lifeboat. What compelled this loving man to leave the lifeboat and his child and risk breaking the last promise he had ever made to his beloved wife in order to fight for destiny and everything he knew to be true?

What would have linked John Harper, a Scot of simple faith, with a powerful and sarcastic German industrialist? What would have connected him with a secretive and deceptive General in the French army?

In the face of tragedy when all is stripped away and there are minutes left to make decisions, each person will define what Life and Love is all about.