Forever And A Day Musical

Veronika Peters and Daniel Thornton
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Forever and a day musical
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Forever and a day musical
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Early 1900’s, Europe is marked by political instability, extremes of poverty and opulence. Society is held together by strict, impersonal religious systems and distinct class expectations. Yet, it is also the dawn of a new century, when people dare to question, when new inventions, hopes and dreams are born with every wakening day.

Forever and a Day is a lavishly beautiful musical experience, based on the incredible true life story of John Harper. A simple Scott, man of faith and character, follows the call of his heart and is determined to change the world. His inspiring journey is filled with obstacles, surprises and setbacks and leads him to eventually face his ultimate life challenge, when all of what he believes and who he wants to be is tested to the core.

John Harper’s unforgettable story weaves together with other disparate personalities spread across Europe, each with an intriguing story of their own. They seemingly have nothing in common, yet are invisibly linked in their search for love, truth, destiny. The action sweeps from Celtic Scotland, to world capital London, to extravagant bourgeoisie in Paris, to the chaos and upheaval of industrializing Germany, to the hills of romantic Tuscany. Their lives intersect at sea on their way to New York at a pivotal time in 1912 when everyone has to create their own destiny in the face of tragedy.

A triumphant, divine love story written by life and told through a passionate score and moving lyrics, this is a musical of courage and redemption and not giving up in the midst of great adversity.